Sobre Brujería Tradicional

Luthaneal Adams
• The Book of the Mirrors

Lois Bourne
• Conversations with a Witch
• Dancing with Witches
• Witch Amongst Us

Jack Bracelin
• Gerald Gardner: Witch

Raymond Buckland

• Witchcraft from the Inside

Pauline Campanelli
• Ancient Ways and Wheel of the Year

Ellen Cannon Reed
• The Heart of Wicca
• The Witches Qabala

Aleister Crowley
• Magick without Tears

Vivienne Crowley
Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Millennium (o Wicca: a comprehensive guide to the old religion in the modern world) (La antigua religión en la nueva era, en español)
Principles of Wicca

Patricia Crowther
Lid Off the Cauldron
High Priestess (o One witch’s world)
Witch Blood
The secrets of Ancient Witchcraft with the witches’ tarot (Los Secretos de la Antigua Brujería con el Tarot de las Brujas)
• Covensense
• Witches Were for Hanging

 Sorita d’Este y David Rankine
• Circle of Fire
• Towards the Wiccan Circle
• Wicca Magickal Beginnings

Jimahl Di Fiosa
• A Voice In the Forest
• All the King’s Children, the Human Legacy of Alex Sanders
• A Coin for the Ferryman, the Death and Life of Alex Sanders 

Stewart Farrar
• What Witches Do (Lo que hacen los brujos, en español)

Janet y Stewart Farrar
• The Witches Way
• Eight Sabbats for Witches
• The Witches Goddess
• The Life and Times of a Modern Witch
• The Witches God
The Witches Goddess

Ed Fitch
• Ritos mágicos del pozo de cristal

Dion Fortune
• The Sea Priestess (La sacerdotisa del mar, en español)
• Moon Magick (Magia lunar, en español)
• The Secrets of Dr. Taverner
• The Goat Foot God
• The Training and Work of an Initiate
• Mystical Qabalah

Sir James Frazier
 La Rama Dorada

Gerald B. Gardner
• Witchcraft Today
• El significado de la brujería
• High Magic’s Aid
• A Goddess Arrives

Robert Graves

• The White Goddess (La Diosa Blanca, en español)

Jon Hana 
• What thou will: Traditional and Innovative trends in Post-Gardnerian Witchcraft

Philip Heselton
• Doreen Valiente: Witch
• Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration: An Investigation into the Sources of Gardnerian Witchcraft
• Wiccan Roots: Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft Revival
• Witchfather: A Life of Gerald Gardner. Vol 1: Into the Witch Cult
• Witchfather: A Life of Gerald Gardner. Vol 2: From Witch Cult to Wicca

Michael Howard
• Modern Wicca

Ronald Hutton
• The Triumph of the Moon
• The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles
• Ten Years of Triumph of the Moon: A Collection of Essays
• Writing the History of Witchcraft: A Personal View. The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies. 12, (2)(2010)

June Johns 
• King of the Witches

Maria Kay Simms
• The Witches Circle

Donald Michael Kraig
• Modern Magick

Lady Maeve Rhea
• Summoning Forth Wiccan Gods and Goddesses
Lady Sheba
• The Grimoire of Lady Sheba
Frederic Lamond

• Fifty Years of Wicca

Charles Leland
• Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

Deborah Lipp
• The Elements of Ritual

L.L. Martello
• Witchcraft, the Old Religion

Thorn Mooney 

• Traditional Wicca: A Seeker’s Guide
Alex Sanders
• The Alex Sanders Lectures

Maxine Sanders
• Maxine: The Witch Queen
• Firechild: The Life and Magic of Maxine Sanders ‘Witch Queen’

Herman Slater 
• A Book of Pagan Rituals

Doreen Valiente
• Witchcraft for Tomorrow (Brujería del futuro, en español)
• ABC of Witchcraft Past & Present
• Donde Reside la Brujería
• Magia Natural
• The Rebirth of Witchcraft

Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Mists of Avalon (Las Nieblas de Avalon, novela, en español)


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